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(Read Book) A Grimm Sacrifice (Grimm's War, #4) by Jeffery H. Haskell

PDF Reads A Grimm Sacrifice (Grimm's War, #4) by Jeffery H. Haskell
In order to survive, Interceptor must change the rules.The Consortium is in real trouble. Caliphate Naval forces have stepped up their raids on the border planets and are taking people by the thousands. They can defend the wormhole, or they can defend their planets, not both.Only the Alliance can help them, but will they?With the cold war heating up, the Alliance is forced to send light units to help. Lucky for them, the squadron of destroyers they free up includes Commander Jacob T. Grimm.With Nadia off on a secret mission, and most of his officers reassigned, Jacob must face a new challenge? taking his ship into battle with wet behind the ear ensigns and midships.From fires in the galley, to surprise attacks, the war is about to start in earnest. Interceptor can be the first casualty, or a sole survivor. For Interceptor to survive, the rest of her squadron must die.Can Jacob find a way to save his squadron and warn the Alliance? Or will one final sacrifice be required?