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(Read) PDF Book Someone Had To Do It by Amber Brown

PDF Books Instant Download Someone Had To Do It by Amber Brown
SOMEONE HAD TO MAKE HIM PAY. SOMEONE HAD TO TAKE HER DOWN.Brandi Maxwell is living the dream as an intern at prestigious New York fashion house Simon Van Doren. Except ?living the dream? looks more like scrubbing puke from couture dresses worn by hard-partying models and putting up with microaggressions from her white colleagues. Still, she can?t help but fangirl over Simon?s it-girl daughter, Taylor. Until one night, at a glamorous Van Doren party, when Brandi overhears something she shouldn?t have, and her fate becomes dangerously intertwined Taylor?s.Model and influencer Taylor Van Doren has everything?and is this close to losing it all. Her fashion mogul father will donate her inheritance to charity if she fails her next drug test, and he?s about to marry someone nearly as young as Taylor, further threatening her stake in the family fortune. But Taylor deserves the money that?s rightfully hers. And she?ll go to any lengths to get it, even if that means sacrificing her famous