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(Read Book) Wrath of The King (The King, #2) by Eris Belmont

Read PDF Book Wrath of The King (The King, #2) by Eris Belmont
It?s been a year since Annalise escaped across the ocean, leaving the king of the beasts for dead?or so she thought. During that time, Annalise created a life for herself, but this life is quickly unraveled as she is hunted down and returned to her former captor. Annalise and Cyrus must now navigate their damaged past, broken present, and uncertain future.Unbeknownst to both of them, Annalise attracted the attention of a mysterious stranger who is more dangerous than he seems?someone content to remain in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike. Now, the threat of this stranger looms over them, threatening the fragile foundation they?ve barely begun to establish.Cyrus now has to choose between his hatred for humanity and his hesitance to move forward with Annalise. But can he place his differences aside fast enough to protect her? Or will he lose her to this growing danger?The exciting sequel to the dark novel "The King."