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(Read Book) Ours: MMF Romance by Mandy Muse

Instant Download Ours: MMF Romance by Mandy Muse
It?s just sex.That?s what our contract says, at least.After getting royally screwed over by one too many online dates, it?s perfect.I?m done with relationships.The night I run into Easton, my ex?s best friend and then Vincent everything changes.They offer everything I want and more.I sign the dotted line, and am thrown into a world of spankings, restraints, and demands for my submission by Easton, the one I shouldn?t want, and Vincent?the man who likes when I call him daddy.I?m completely at their mercy. They command my body, but my heart follows their demands for trust, too.The lines of our contract are getting blurry.The farther they push me, the more I wish I could burn each page and make it disappear.Because this isn?t just about sex anymore.I want them to be mine but do they want the same thing?Ours is a MMF romance not suitable for anyone under 18. Please check trigger warning before reading!