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Author : Martha S. Rosenthal
Title : Drugs: Mind, Body, and Society
Description: Written in a contemporary and accessible voice, Drugs: Mind, Body, and Society offers more than knowledge and study skills. It is a multidisciplinary text that provides students with a comprehensive discussion about drugs and drug effects that weaves together physiology, neuroscience, pharmacology, psychology, society, culture, media, history, law, and religion. With an emphasis on critical thinking skills, this book teaches students to evaluate research, assess sources of data, and discern fact from opinion, so that they can make intelligent decisions that improve the quality oftheir lives.FEATURES
Thinking Critically About Drugs, a separate section at the start of the book, teaches students how to evaluate data, validate sources, and understand how drug research is conductedTrue/False chapter-opening questions, with answers, draw students into the material by asking them provocative questions that challenge commonly held misconceptions about drugs*Critical Evaluations in most
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