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Author : Blake Butler
Title : Molly
Description: A gripping, unforgettable memoir from one of the best, most original writers of the 21st century.Blake Butler and Molly Brodak instantly connected, fell in love, married and built a life together. Both writers with deep roots in contemporary American literature, their union was an iconic joining of forces between two major and beloved talents.Nearly three years into their marriage, grappling with mental illness and a lifetime of trauma, Molly took her own life. In the days and weeks after Molly?s death, Blake discovered shocking secrets she had held back from the world, fundamentally altering his view of their relationship and who she was.A masterpiece of autobiography, Molly is a riveting journey into the darkest and most unthinkable parts of the human heart, emerging with a hard-won, unsurpassedly beautiful understanding that expands the possibilities of language to comprehend and express true love.Unrelentingly clear, honest and concise, Molly approaches the impossible directly,
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