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Author : Constance Wu
Title : Making a Scene
Description: A powerful and poignant new book by Crazy Rich Asians and Fresh Off the Boat star Constance Wu about family, romance, sex, shame, trauma, and how she found her voice on the stage. Growing up in the friendly suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, Constance Wu was often scolded for having big feelings or strong reactions. ?Good girls don?t make scenes,? people warned her. And while she spent most of her childhood suppressing her bold, emotional nature, she found an early outlet in local community theater?it was the one place where big feelings were okay?were good, even. Acting became her refuge, her touchstone, and eventually her vocation. At eighteen she moved to New York, where she?d spend the next ten years of her life auditioning, waiting tables, and struggling to make rent before her two big breaks: the TV sitcom Fresh Off the Boat and the hit film Crazy Rich Asians. Through raw and relatable essays, Constance shares private memories of childhood, young love and heartbreak, sexual assault
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