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Author : Penelope Douglas
Title : Tryst Six Venom
Description: ???? ?????, ???? ?????, ??? ??? ?????? ???? ????? ?????... ??? ?????!????Marymount girls are good girls. We?re chaste, we?re untouched, and even if we weren?t, no one would know, because we keep our mouths shut.Not that I have anything to share anyway. I never let guys go too far. I?m behaved. Beautiful, smart, talented, popular, my skirt?s always pressed, and I never have a hair out of place. I own the hallways, walking tall on Monday and dropping to my knees like the good Catholic girl I am on Sunday.That?s me. Always in control. Or so they think. The truth is that it?s easy for me to resist them, because what I truly want, they can never be. Something soft and smooth. Someone dangerous and wild. Unfortunately, what I want I have to hide. In the locker room after hours. In the bathroom stall between classes. In the showers after practice. ?? ???? ????????. ?? ???? ?? ??? ?????. For me, life is a web of secrets. No one can find out mine. ??????I cross the tracks every day for one
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