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Author : Cassie Alexander
Title : Bend Her (The Transformation Trilogy, #1)
Description: Lisane:My whole life, I had been a creature used to candlelight.But I wasn?t accustomed to my own breath hot against my face, or the rough feeling of fabric against my cheek?or knowing that my wrists were tied behind my back, painfully tight.The last thing I could recall was being in a carriage?We?d been running away from the Deathless . . .And now I was here.Wherever here was.Tied up, in the dark, on the ground, with a bag around my head.The very thing my father had been afraid of for me for my whole life?and the reason I lived in a gilded cage, only getting to leave the palace when I had throne-sworn mages by my side?had apparently happened.I had been kidnapped.Rhaim:Every mage gets one clear vision on the eve of their Ascension into their full powers, right before they get the brand of their mage-mark: you see the thing that will cause your absolute demise.Some men see snowy peaks or waterfalls, others bucking horses, and some lucky few see themselves with old and wrinkled hands,
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