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Author : Emily McIntire
Title : Crossed (Never After, #5)
Description: From bestselling author Emily McIntire comes a dark and delicious fractured fairy tale reimagining of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.He is righteousness. She is sin.Father Cade Fr?d?ric is a holy man. Brought up in the streets of Paris, he has dedicated his life to the church. But there?s a monster that lingers just beneath the surface. A sickness. One that bleeds darkness and feeds on the damned. When he?s tasked to become the priest in Festival?, Vermont, a town both beautiful in architecture and riddled with despair, his sickness sings, demanding he rid the place of evil.Amaya Paquette is Festival?s beautiful mystery. She spends her days caring for her younger brother and her nights transforming into Esmeralda, dancing for greedy eyes and shameless lips. Although she longs for love, she shies away from companionship, afraid of being abandoned again.When Father Cade lays eyes on Amaya, he finds himself ensnared, convinced she?s using witchcraft to lure him to her. He can?t eat. Can?t
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