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Author : Amal Awad
Title : Courting Samira
Description: Set in Sydney, Australia, Courting Samira is a charming and frothy romantic comedy about a twenty-seven-year-old Muslim woman who finds herself in an unexpected love triangle?a sparkling ode to meddling best friends, traditional courtship, The Princess Bride, and, of course, the possibility of love. Coming from a moderately traditional Muslim family, twenty-seven-year-old Samira Abdel-Aziz has endured her fair share of arranged matches?first dates she calls ?doorknock appeals,? where she and her possible suitors eat snacks in her living room in the company of both sets of parents. Her general no shoes with tassels, no cheesy leather jackets, no mustaches. A girl has to have some standards, right? The truth is, Samira is already experiencing enough wedding drama as an assistant at Bridal Bazaar magazine and as a gofer for her soon-to-be-married cousin and nemesis Zahra. She?s not sure she needs to add any of her own. When she meets the charismatic Menem at a work retreat, Samira finds
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