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Author : Kara Swisher
Title : Burn Book: A Tech Love Story
Description: 7 hours, 40 minutes From award-winning journalist Kara Swisher comes a witty, scathing, but fair accounting of the tech industry and its founders who wanted to change the world but broke it instead.Part memoir, part history, Burn Book is a necessary chronicle of tech?s most powerful players. This is the inside story we?ve all been waiting for about modern Silicon Valley and the biggest boom in wealth creation in the history of the world.When tech titans crowed that they would ?move fast and break things,? Kara Swisher was moving faster and breaking news. While covering the explosion of the digital sector in the early 1990s, she developed a long track record of digging up and reporting the facts about this new world order. Her consistent scoops drove one CEO to accuse her of ?listening in the heating ducts? and prompted Facebook?s Sheryl Sandberg to once observe: ?It is a constant joke in the Valley when people write memos for them to say, ?I hope Kara never sees this.??While still in
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