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Hent [Knihy] Piglet
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Author : Lottie Hazell
Title : Piglet
Description: An elegant, razor-sharp debut about women's ambitions and appetites?and the truth about having it all. Outside of a childhood nickname she can't shake, Piglet's rather pleased with how her life's turned out. An up-and-coming cookbook editor at a London publishing house, she's got lovely, loyal friends and a handsome fianc?, Kit, whose rarefied family she actually, most of the time, likes, despite their upper-class eccentricities. One of the many, many things Kit loves about Piglet is the delicious, unfathomably elaborate meals she's always cooking. But when Kit confesses a horrible betrayal two weeks before they're set to be married, Piglet finds herself suddenly? hungry. The couple decides to move forward with the wedding as planned, but as it nears, and Piglet balances family expectations, pressure at work, and her quest to make the perfect cake, she finds herself increasingly unsettled, behaving in ways even she can't explain. Torn between a life she's always wanted and the
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