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KeraBiotics Reviews: Celebs Swear By It! But Does It Really Work?

KeraBiotics, a novel toenail fungus treatment formula recently launched in the market, offers a range of health benefits starting with clearing your nails of stubborn fungus.
The KeraBiotics oil not only eliminates toenail fungus, as per the claims, but it also reduces toenail itching, discoloration, and the foul smell that accompanies the infection, to provide you with flawless nails and healthy skin. Find more about the supplement from this KeraBiotics review.
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KeraBiotics Reviews: Will This Serum Provide Relief From Toenail Fungus Symptoms?
Unlike other topical treatments that, with time, lose their efficacy after a while due to inconsistent application, the KeraBiotics formula claims to build antifungal resistance and even protect your toenails from future infection. But the manufacturer insists on consistent use as per the recommended dosage, for the best and lasting results.
We all know how hard it is to take care of our toenails, especially with infection, and how long have we been trying to find some ingredients that work to eliminate the issue. Each drop of the  KeraBiotics serum is rich in fungus-fighting, highly potent essential oils, and other natural ingredients that are potentially effective in treating the fungal infection without creating any negative side effects.
If the claims are true, and if the ingredients work as they are supposed to, it will be a life-changing invention for a lot of people who have started with the formula as suggested by many KeraBiotics reviews on the internet, and have been struggling with the problem for a long time and are in search of ways to regain a healthy nail free of infection.
So let’s get into more detail about the formula and write a KeraBiotics review of our own to make better sense of it.
Type: Toenail fungus treatment formula
Main Purpose: Eliminates toenail fungus, Reduces itching, discoloration, and odor, Protects against future infections, Supports healthy nails and skin
Formulation: Liquid
Application: Apply topically four times a day (twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon)
Ingredients: Lavender oil, Organic flaxseed oil, Almond oil, Tea tree oil, Lemongrass oil, Aloe vera, Tocopheryl acetate, Undecylenic acid
Benefits: Supports healthy nails, Improves skin, Reduces inflammation, Relieves stress and anxiety
Customer Review: Positive
Side Effects: No reported side effects
Price: 1 bottle (30 days supply): $69/bottle, 3 bottles (90 days supply): $59/bottle, $177 total, 6 bottles (180 days supply): $49/bottle, $294 total
Money-Back Guarantee: 60-day
Availability: Only through the KeraBiotics official website
Official Website: Click Here
What Is KeraBiotics?
KeraBiotics is a toenail fungal formula that offers to treat the infection using a natural formula made of essential oils and minerals. All the ingredients involved in the manufacturing process are extracted from nature and are proven to be effective in various clinical studies.
The formula is available in liquid form as a blend of all the essential oils and other ingredients which can be applied on the infected area directly, following the dosage given on the supplement label. As per the manufacturer, the KeraBiotics serum is one of a kind and is proven to be more effective than most of the other supplements and topical solutions available to treat the issue.
The manufacturer claims that this is a formula that will transform your life for the better, supporting fungus-free, healthy nails that don’t itch or smell and make you ashamed of yourself. These are all claims and we will see how much of it is true in the upcoming sections of the KeraBiotics review
How Does KeraBiotics Drop Work To Deliver Results?
KeraBiotics works by combining the antifungal properties of 8 key ingredients that mainly consist of essential oils that are proven to be effective in treating the issue efficiently. It also contains skin-supporting vitamins that will boost your nail bed and support the skin in rebuilding itself and staying healthy.
The KeraBiotics ingredients work on many levels to get rid of the infection and maintain the health of your nails. All eight of them have antifungal properties that will not only eliminate the fungus present on the nails but also protect them against future infections. Most of them also have anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe the inflamed nails and the skin around them.
As an additional benefit, the essential oils will also work to relieve stress and anxiety, as most of them are traditionally used for aromatherapy. The KeraBiotics ingredients like aloe vera are capable of moisturizing the skin around the infected nails while fighting inflammation and fungus.
The KeraBiotics anti-fungal formula works fast, and you will see improvements in the condition of your nails immediately. Within the first few weeks, there will be a change in the color of the infected nails along with reduced itching, and they will look more natural and healthier.
As per the claims, with religious use for a few months, you will get the KeraBiotics results you have been waiting for forever and will see a more confident version of yourself that you lost along the way.
Core Ingredients Of KeraBiotics Formula
KeraBiotics toenail fungus treatment formula is a proprietary blend of 8 potent ingredients that consists of a set of high-quality oils and minerals.
Lavender oil
This essential oil has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties, which make it a viable treatment for fungal-infected, inflamed nails and skin. It protects nail keratin and is considered a solution for antibiotic resistance.
Organic flaxseed oil
Flaxseed is traditionally used to treat digestive issues. In the topical form, it treats inflammatory diseases and boosts your skin's immunity.
Almond oil
Almond oil fights fungal infections including nail fungus and ringworm. It also moisturizes your skin without side effects.
Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is known for its antifungal properties. It has been a part of traditional medicine for its antiseptic properties and is used as a herbal medicine. 
Lemongrass oil
Lemongrass oil is an essential oil that is widely used for aromatherapy. It builds resistance and prevents future fungal infections on the nails.
Aloe vera
This plant is known for its soothing and moisturizing effects on the skin. It fights fungus to reduce inflammation and keep the nails healthy.
The rest of the KeraBiotics ingredients are Tocopheryl acetate which is a Vitamin E derivative known for its antioxidant properties and prevents skin aging, and Undecylenic acid, a fatty acid that treats fungal as well as yeast infections on the nails.
What Are The Benefits Of KeraBiotics?
Essential oils are known to have an array of health benefits with direct consumption, topical application, or even as incense. Let’s see what this powerful combination of oils claims to provide in terms of improving your health. 
Supports healthy nails
Getting rid of nail fungus to support nail health is the primary purpose of KeraBiotics. All the ingredients used in the formula fight against the fungus and protect it from future infections, while ingredients like Lavender oil protect the nail keratin. 
Improves skin
Essential oils are generally known for their beneficial effects on our skin. With regular application, the formula will rejuvenate the skin around your nails and make them healthy-looking.
Reduces inflammation
Ingredients like Aloe vera that fight fungus also fight inflammation and soothe the inflammation resulting from the infection. 
Relieves stress and anxiety
Almost all of the essential oils used in the blend are traditionally used for aromatherapy. They are capable of relieving stress and calming anxiety if used properly.
How To Use KeraBiotics Serum For Better Results?
The KeraBiotics oil is meant for external use only. As per the supplement label, you should apply the formula topically, four times a day; twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon.
There is an applicator enclosed with the KeraBiotics package, that will help you apply the solution on the nails. You should also use a cotton swab to massage and work the formula into the nails and cuticles.
To maximize the effect, you can gently file the nails using an emery board, occasionally. Filing the nail surface will let it absorb the formula fully and you will start to notice a visible difference in the first few weeks itself.
Potential Side Effects And Safety Considerations
None of the long-term customers have yet reported any kind of side effects from using the KeraBiotics toenail fungus drop. Being something that consists of plant-extracted ingredients that are safety tested, the chances of happening anything like that in the future are also minimal.
Since the KeraBiotics nail fungus formula is meant for topical application, by any chance if you end up swallowing it, immediately drink water and seek medical attention. You are also advised to avoid contact with eyes and discontinue use if any irritation occurs.
Also, do not exceed the recommended usage of KeraBiotics oil, and consult with your doctor to ensure safety if you are under medication for any underlying medical conditions.
The Pros And Cons Of KeraBiotics Oil
Weighing the pros and cons of a supplement is an efficient way to know about its manufacturing standards, ingredient quality, potential side effects, and whether the formula is suitable for use.
KeraBiotics is an easy-to-use blend of topical oils and minerals, of which the ingredients are plant-extracted. But before giving it a try it is important to do a background check to verify the above-mentioned standards are met by the formula and are genuine.
Pros Of KeraBiotics
    Natural Formula
    No Chemicals
    No Stimulants
Cons Of KeraBiotics
    Only available on the KeraBiotics official website
    Results may vary depending on the individual
KeraBiotics Customer Reviews And Complaints
KeraBiotics customer reviews are everywhere on the internet and at a glance, they are all overwhelmingly positive, maybe except for a few. The majority of them have already been through countless tests and trials, and have used everything everybody suggested saying this will cure your disease.
One of the factors all these reviews have in common is that all of these people have been struggling with their infected nails for years. Some of them even had their nails removed and they have been making excuses to avoid social gatherings and spent years ashamed of themselves. So naturally, when they first came across the KeraBiotics anti-fungal formula, they were skeptical about it and were hesitant to give it a try.
Except for a few of these people who complain that the formula took a little more time than they had initially expected, others are extremely grateful that they gave it a shot. They say that it saved them from years of agony and made them confident about themselves.
KeraBiotics Availability, Price Details, And Refund Policy
KeraBiotics anti-fungal serum is not available on any e-commerce websites or retail stores for purchase. So if you are interested in buying the formula, you can visit the official KeraBiotics website and place the order. There are three different packages with different offers available to choose from and you can select the one you wish to buy, which will take you to the checkout page.
The KeraBiotics price details are given below.
    1 bottle (30 days supply): $69/bottle
    3 bottles (90 days supply): $59/bottle, $177/bottle
    6 bottles (180 days supply): $49/bottle, $294/bottle
Among these three, the three-bottle package is the most popular one. However, if you want to save more money, go for the best value package of 180 days.
Free shipping is available with all three packages along with a 60-day iron-clad money-back guarantee. If the KeraBiotics drop doesn’t cure your infected nails and you end up disappointed, you can write to the manufacturer and they will refund 100% of the money you spent on the purchase.
Concluding Thoughts On KeraBiotics Reviews
Everybody who is struggling with fungal-infected toenails knows how difficult and shameful it is to live with it. A discolored, stinking set of toenails will be easily noticed and will be judged as your lack of hygiene. So a formula like KeraBiotics that claims to eliminate the fungus without the risk of future infections will seem attractive.
Numerous KeraBiotics reviews by customers appear to validate the manufacturer's claims, asserting its superior efficacy compared to conventional fungus-treating methods. This topical solution offers a range of health benefits apart from treating your toenails. It nourishes the skin around those nails by reducing inflammation, and reduce anxiety and stress through its therapeutic properties.
The formula has followed all the manufacturing standards and has been tested to ensure its safety of use. It hasn’t used any synthetic ingredients or chemicals that might harm your health in unexpected ways. There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee that comes with every KeraBiotics package to make sure you suffer from no risk while giving it a try. Seems tempting now, doesn’t it?
Frequently Asked Questions About KeraBiotics
How long does it take for KeraBiotics to show results?
The essential oils work fast on your nails fighting against fungi and inflammation. You will notice significant changes within the first week, but it is suggested that you continue with the application for 6 months for lasting results.
Is hydrogen peroxide good for toenail fungus?
Hydrogen peroxide is usually used to treat mild infections because it only kills the fungi on the surface of the nails. Since it cannot reach every corner of your nails, the infection will keep coming back and eventually, it will end up of no use.
How do you get rid of nail fungus fast?
You can fight nail fungus with a powerful set of ingredients with antifungal properties, which are preferably available in the form of a topical solution.
Which essential oil is best for nail fungus?
Tea tree oil is widely known as the best essential oil to treat nail fungus. So when you combine other essential oils like lavender essential oil that protects the nail keratin and the ones that promote the overall health of nails, it would be a better solution to deal with your problem.
What if the formula doesn’t work for me?
You have the opportunity to try the formula for 60 days risk-free to see if it is working. If it doesn’t, you can contact the seller and ask for a refund.