High Asset Divorce Attorney Orange County

Jos Family Law is a family law firm that helps high-net-worth couples and families go through the complex divorce process. Recognizing additional challenges, we have a robust specialization when it comes to child custody, child and spousal support, and division of property and finances.
Our extensive experience has allowed us to take stock or bank accounts, portfolios, business ownerships, real estate investments, pensions, 401(k) retirement funds, etc. Our high-asset divorce attorneys in Orange County are well-versed in navigating through cases that involve significant assets.
Reaching an agreement in such cases can be quite challenging. While meditations and other forms of alternative dispute resolutions can be fruitful in issues like child custody and support, the division of communal property can be quite complex and necessitates valuations from experts.
Our high-asset divorce attorney Orange County can help you with this process and protect your rights.
What Assets Can Be Divided?
While each family law case is unique, there are common sources of conflict. Jos Family Law routinely handles matters about the following assets:
· Value of business or professional practice
· Hidden assets
· Real estate appraisals including value and rental value of property
· Investment accounts
· Employee benefits include stock options, pensions, 401(k), IRAs, etc.)
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Our lead attorney Mr. Binoye Jos provides seasoned counsel and representation in all matters of family law in Orange County. Leverage his full-service expertise and get the best possible result for your case.
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