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3 Updates to make your blog easier to read!
1️⃣ Now you can add a cover image to your blog channel posts.
Using a cover image can enhance the communicative power and comprehension of the content. Whether it's a travel journal, an introduction to a no-code tool, or valuable financial tips, try adding images that match your post's theme!
2️⃣ You can apply 12 different background & text colors to Callout blocks.
Color options that will make the Callout block stand out have been added. Customize the colors to match your content—whether it's tips, Q&A, examples, or to align with your brand!
Feel free to switch icons to ones that match the content. Use 📢 for announcements, 🚨 for warnings, 🍯 for valuable tips, or express heartfelt sentiments with ❤️💛🩵.
3️⃣ The text and images in posts are now optimized to fit the browser width.
We've applied responsive web design, allowing them to naturally adjust or resize based on the browser width. Whether it's a post with lengthy articles, columns, or images, it's now more comfortable to read!
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Online business owners, try this shopping block!
Simply paste the product link, and a page similar to an online store will be created. 📈 Boost product traffic in search results with shopping blocks. 👀 Spotlight flagship products while introducing your brand. 🛍️ Easily craft your unique shop with layout and design by a simple copy + paste. If prices change during a sale, update the product information by clicking ∙∙∙ > Refresh Link Preview in the top right of the block. And changing the theme will also alter the design! Available for products on Amazon and Shopify. (We plan to expand the list! If you're selling elsewhere, let us know in the comments.) Wait a moment! Buttons that lead directly to calling or texting are available too. Simply add tel:0123456789 or sms:0123456789 to the button's link input!
Add a table of contents to your page! 📄
Consider adding a table of contents for lengthy or crucial information delivery. You can offer a glimpse of your page's content and enable users to jump directly to each section. Turn on the Table of contents in the Custom menu at the top of the editing screen. Headings 1, 2, and 3 blocks are automatically added to the table of contents! Try implementing it in your service guides or manuals! It allows customers to swiftly navigate to the sections they're interested in. It's also suitable for documents like meeting minutes or proposals that require an overview at a glance. Depending on your screen width, it might appear on the right side of the page or just below the title. Tip: You can copy links for individual blocks! For instance, create a link in a guide document that directs to a specific block in another guide, like 'Click here to see how to view only the posts you've written!' Edit Mode: Click on the handle of the desired block, and select Copy link to block. View Mode: Click on the desired part of the table of contents, and copy the link from the address bar.