Learn more about custom domains

How to get a free custom domain
SlashPage allows you to connect a custom domain to one site for free per account. You can apply a custom domain for free if the site where you want to connect the custom domain meets all three conditions below.
After accessing the site, clicking on 'Side Menu - Site Settings,' and selecting [Add Custom Domain]
The specified conditions must be met within the site where you want to connect the custom domain.
Set your site's visibility to public
Enable share to web
Have at least 1 public channel on your site
Connecting a custom domain
The custom domain feature allows you to connect your own domain, so that when entered in the address bar, it redirects to your SlashPage. Instead of slashpage.com/mybrand, you can imprint your brand or name in people's minds by purchasing a domain and connecting it, like www.mybrand.com
Register my domain on SlashPage
Set up CNAME on the DNS site
This guide is based on AWS.
Click on menus with names like DNS Settings, Domain Settings, or Domain Management.
Look for values like CNAME, CNAME Record, or Canonical Name.
In the empty fields, enter the following information:
Host or Name
Target or Points to or Value
⚠️ Caution When Entering Host(Name)!
If the domain you want to connect is www.mybrand.com, enter "www."
For domains like blog.mybrand.com or guide.mybrand.com, enter "blog" or "guide" accordingly.
After a certain period, the settings will be completed, and you can verify the domain by searching directly on sites such as G Suite Toolbox or DNSChecker. (You can also use commands like dig or nslookup in the terminal to check.)
The screen for checking on DNS Checker.
DNS CNAME checks can take as short as a few minutes or as long as 48 hours.
Issuing SSL certificate
To use the custom domain feature, an SSL certificate is required. Once DNS settings are complete, SlashPage will automatically issue the certificate. It usually takes around 20 seconds or more for issuance, so please wait a moment.
Screen during SSL certificate issuance.
To use example.com
If you want to use example.com instead of wvw.example.com a dditional settings are required. Please choose one of the three methods below and proceed on your DNS site
If your DNS site supports ANAME or ALIAS record types
a. Select ANAME or ALIAS on the DNS settings page..
b. Enter the following information:
Host or Alias
Target or Points to or Value
@ or leave empty
Using the Redirect or Forwarding feature on your DNS site.
The usage of this feature can vary for each website, so I'll provide you with the typical configuration settings.
a. In the DNS settings page, look for menus with names such as URL Redirect, Forwarding , or Web Forwarding Address.
b. Enter the following information.
Source or Redirect Address
Destination or Target Address
c. If you set the redirect type to '301 Permanent Redirect,' search engines will recognize it as the same site.
Applying clean URLs to a custom domain
After the connection is completed, how can I clean up the subpage addresses?
Even when connecting a custom domain, the subpage or channel addresses are generated like example․com/3dk58wg2eqyd72nqevxz. If you want to make these addresses appear as example․com/about, try utilizing the Clean URL feature provided by Slash Page!
Click the ••• button in the top right corner of the channel or subpage screen.
Click on the Channel Settings or Page Settings menu.
Click on the Clean URL menu in the settings window.
Enter the desired name in the blank space and click Save button.