How Do You Do It?

How are you humaning right now? Like... Do you pay your bills on time (is that how we measure if we are humaning)? Are you Happy (if happiness matters... does it? what is happiness)? Do you have friends (do you even fucking like them)? etc, etc...
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Be shitty
That's fine! Maybe you're right!
Be perfect
Ew, go away!
Just kidding, please don't go away.
If you think you either are or can be perfect, please stay. We hate you but you need us. If you're lucky, eventually, you'll have a very scary lonely moment when you look in the mirror and realize you've been full of shit this whole time and everyone knew it and they tried to tell you... sort of... but you were so full of shit you couldn't hear them. Whew, this is way worse than having spinach in your teeth; you literally are overflowing with lies and façades and plans which you thought you were getting away with but you weren't. Everyone has been watching you mumble the fuck around like you're the cool guy from the breakfast club who everyone knew was full of shit and who couldn't really grow until he acknowledged the tenderness and purity in his heart.....
Anyway, what a horrible moment. We hope you're fucking humiliated by the cringe fest that has been your entire stupid fucking life. Hopefully this moment lasts a while... if it doesn't last very long, it means you've gone back up into the warm smelly safety of your own asshole and have decided to avoid the issue hoping it will go away. You'll try to fall asleep telling yourself that perhaps you were just imagining it, you'll wake up in the morning and forbid yourself from believing that silly make believe strange nightmare. And on you'll go, you will continue to be an insuferable ungrateful fuckboi and we will all put up with it until you hopefully have another one of those moments. Hopefully the next one will be so resounding and intense you can't help but mutter a, "hey... y'all... um,..
is there shit ....
I mean am I so full of --....
Am I overflowing with --
Is there shit coming out of my fucking eyeballs?..."
And we will all cheer with delight and comraderie! By golly I think you've got it! We will not comfort you the way your fearful ego will attempt to manipulate we will not make excuses for you, we will not co-sign your unacceptable, dishonorable behavior anymore. We will hold you dearly. In those friendly, platonic embraces, we will tell you what we see. We haven't been holding grudges, we do not have some list of your wrongdoings. If you have a list for us, you better tear that shit up. We are all the same you twat.
ve them... those "come to the mirror" moments, when your sense of self is being crushed in the silence of perceived rejection (it's 3:00 AM... your friends aren't answering because they are asleep and have healthy boundaries, not because they hate you) (they also hate you but they don't hate the real you... the you that's under all that shit... so they put up with it, crossing their fingers you'll have a moment like this because jesus they can't stand another minute), the thicker the loneliness will probably feel (if you're lucky).
These moments are almost like contractions except instead of a baby at the end, you either learn about your shadow by echolocating off your patient friends to learn who you are, you get rich and buy us enough stuff that we stick around, or you get so lonely and so afraid to say anything that you fucking kill yourself you fucking prick! We put up with you all these years waiting for you to realize how much you suck because we knew it would be worth it once the tidal wave of shame and terror fills your soul and washes your shit away. Because this whole time we have seen, with ease of a fog-proof windshield on a damp day, directly through your delusional, at times seemingly psychotic, grandeur. And we know you're true. And we love that person. And we want to be a part of their realizing.
Howdy, Human
Welcome, we don't know what we're doing,
we'll do it
better together