[Hands-on Guide] How to make a free website in 5 minutes!

Learn how to create a free website using a service called SlashPage. No special skills are required, and it's completely free for individuals. Hands-on examples are included, and you can have a working webpage in 5 minutes! This page was also created with SlashPage.
Hey Digital Enthusiasts! 🔥 Ready to showcase your ideas to the world without breaking the bank? I've got your back – let me walk you through the steps of effortlessly creating your own digital playground with Slashpage, and the best part? Amazingly, It's absolutely FREE!
Create Your Own Website for Free with Slashpage!
Slashpage, that's the site I'm writing about right now, that's the site you're looking at, and you can make a site like this just like I did. I discovered it a while ago, and to my surprise, it's completely free for personal use!
Stay focused! Completely free for personal use!
Follow along with me now: No Tech Skills Needed, Only takes 5 minutes!
Step1. Login with Slashpage
You'll need to log in first! Click the button below to go to slashpage.com. You can log in with your email or use a social login. My favorite is Google sign-in.
Signin button is in the top right corner.
Step2: Create your site
As shown in the screenshot below, click the 'Create site' button in the top left menu and voila!
Find the menu, click on it, and voila!
Step3: Your site is ready to go!
Go ahead and write whatever you want to write!
Write anything, title or content.
Step4: Now it's on the WEB!
As you write, it is simultaneously published to the web. Share the link by hitting the "Share" button in the top right corner and you're done!
The 'Share' menu is in the top right corner.
That's it. Too easy, right? That's why I'm writing this post. It's amazing, it took me less than 30 minutes to create this page, and I can't wait to tell my friends about it.
The End! Your site is ready!
Some tips:
Turn on SEO
SlashPage applies SEO for free, just click share in the 'Share' layer. I'll brag about it when the page you're looking at shows up on Google, haha.
Sub Pages
You can also create subpages! Try clicking Page in the top toolbar.
Change Theme
You can also change the colors of your website - just hit the Themes button.
You can find the Themes button at the top center.
Cover, Icon, TOC, Comments, ...
Oh my god. This is amazing...
Can I create a website? Yes. Sign up, create a site, done.
Can I create a website quickly? Yes. In 5 minutes.
Can I create a website for free? Yes. Completely free for personal use.
Can I make my website visible to search engines? Yes. With just one click.
Is it a website builder? Yes, I think so.
Can I customize my website design? Yes. You can change the theme and reposition things.
Can I assign a custom domain to my website? Apparently, yes. I'm going to do that now.
Can I really make a website for free? Yes, for real. This is the page you're looking at right now.
Who are you? I'm the guy who created a SlashPage a day ago. Anyone who wants to make a website should see this.
Should I try this? Absolutely! It only takes 5 minutes! You should try it! You won't regret it.
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