How To Choose The Best Breast Pump

Which breast pump is best?
To find out the answer, you have to consider many elements. For example, do you want to use an electric breast pump or a double pump? Is weight your top priority? Apart from these questions, there are other problems as follows:
How often do you use your breast pump?
If you can look after your baby all day long and you have a good milk supply, I strongly recommend a simple hand pump. What you have to do is only to put a cone-shaped shield on your breast and express the milk by squeezing the handle.
On the contrary, in case you must work at the company and be away from your baby a couple of hours per day, it's better to use an electric pump.
You can refer to breast pump comparison to learn their differences in details. t would help if you bought a pump after birth because you will know how you use it at that time.
How do you pump?
Some mothers can use any types of breast pumps to express milk easily and quickly. Meanwhile, others just can use high-end models; especially they get only 1-2 ounces at a time.
If you are in trouble with your milk supply or pumping milk, say no with cheap devices. The low-end breast pumps come with small motors, leading to less suction. The high-end machines like the best double electric breast pump and hospital grade pump have strong motor, resulting in strong suction.
Do you need to pump quicker?
Typically, it takes you around 10 to 15 minutes to pump a breast. But, if you want to pump quicker to get back to work soon, it's better to invest in the best electric breast pump, which can pump both your breasts at once.
A double-breast pump not only stimulates your breast to produce milk more but also minimizes pumping time.
Do you want to consider a hands-free breast pump?
This type of breast pump allows you to pump while working or doing other things. On the current market, some wearable breast pumps placed inside your bra allow you to pump discreetly.
How is your breast pump budget?
Compared to the best manual breast pump, electric models are more expensive.
Many of you might think that a used personal-use breast pump is a cheaper choice, but this type comes with a small risk of contamination.
If your baby is hospitalized, you can rent a hospital-grade electric breast pump from the hospital. Although this option is pretty safe, it requires you to purchase equipment to attach your breast to the pump.
Is this solution to your choice?
If yes, here is good news. The majority of health insurance plans include the cost of renting and buying the best breast pumps.
What will insurance pay for?
According to the Affordable Care Act in the US, health insurers must cover the personally used breast pumps. Though there are a lot of different plans in Canada, most of them cover up to $200 for each pump.
Which accessories do you need?
Accessories can help you shorten and simplify the breastfeeding and pumping process. Thus, they are a worthy and long-term investment if you plan to use your breast pump on a regular basis. 
Keep in mind that some breast pump brands don't come with many accessories, especially, it's difficult to buy replacement parts. If you care about these things, consider the best breast pump brand like Ameda and Medela. They dominate the pumping market, so it's straightforward to find their accessories and attachments in any shop. Some of them include breast pump bags, cooling bags, and cleaning products.
Should your breast pump be assembled and transported easily?
Most of us don't want to spend a lot of time on assembling, taking apart, and cleaning a breast pump. Thus, ensure that your model allows you to remove any pumping parts quickly and clean them after use easily.
You use your pump every single day, right? Or will you travel with your pump? If so, you should choose a lightweight unit. For your trips, I highly recommend a model with carrying case and an insulated section to store expressed milk.
In case you don't want the noise produced from your breast pump to bother your baby and other people, make sure that it creates an acceptable noise level.
Is it possible to adjust the suction?
Each person has different using demands, so there is not a general suction for everyone. Therefore, when buying an electric pump, ensure that you are able to control the cycling speed as well as the suction degree.
Is the breast shield necessary?
Breast shield is a cone-shaped cup, fitting over your nipples and breasts. To avoid buying a too large or too small breast shield, you should check the information with the manufacturer. Typically, there are always available large and replacement shields.
In case you need to pump both breasts at the same time, it's best to prepare 2 breast shields
What if the electricity fails?
Sometimes, the power source fails or your outlet isn't accessible. What should you do?
In these cases, a rechargeable battery pack might be useful. It's better to bring a handy manual pump, just in case. Some best breast pump  recommend many products that are packed with batteries.
Should you try before buying?
Even top rated breast pumps have their own benefits and drawbacks. Some love using a specific model, while others hate it. So, it's pretty challenging to make the right decision without testing. If possible, you had better rent one at the hospital or borrow your friend's breast pump before clicking the "buy" button.
What is the best breast pump?
Keep the considerations above in mind to pick up the most suitable one. It should suit your pumping style, routine, your demands, and your schedule. If you know other features to add this list, don’t hesitate to leave a comment here.