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harish kotra

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Bonus Resources & Tools for Devfest Hyderabad 2023
No-Code APIs & Automations πŸ”€
Buildship (Has a FREE Plan)
NoCodeAPI (Has a FREE Plan)
Pabbly (Has a FREE Plan)
4. (Has a FREE Plan)
5. (Has a FREE Plan)
6. (A little complicated for beginners)
7. (Only a 14 Day Free Trial)
Build Websites using No-Code 🌐
Portfolio Style Websites:
Blogs, Resource Directories, Employee Management Apps, Property Listing, E-Learning, Portfolio Websites:
E-Commerce Store:
Multi-page websites:
A little more complex tools:
2. - Convert your Notion pages into a blog
3., - Convert your Notion pages into a website
Create Mobile Apps without Code πŸ“±
Thunkable - Android/iOS/Web Applications (Has a Free Plan)
Kodular - Android Apps only (Has a Free Plan)
Adalo - Android & iOS (Has a Free Plan)
Draftbit - Android & iOS (Has a Free Plan)
Flutterflow - Android & iOS (Has a Free Plan)
Create Chatbots without Code πŸ€–
1. (Has a Free Plan)
2. (Has a Free Plan)
3. (Has a Free Plan)
4. (Has a Free Plan)
More resources and tutorials on building without coding here.
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