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Glucotil Reviews March 2024 – Is It Legit or Unsafe Natural Diabetes Management Ingredients?

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Glucotil is a blood sugar support supplement marketed primarily to people with type 2 diabetes.
Available exclusively online, the supplement is based on a natural remedy from Japan. The makers of Glucotil claim big pharmaceutical companies have deliberately suppressed the remedy to protect profits.
Please keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Glucotil and how it works today in our review.
What is Glucotil?
Glucotil is a diabetes supplement with a blend of natural ingredients in a highly concentrated liquid to support healthy blood sugar.
The makers of Glucotil describe Glucotil as “the #1 rated diabetes health formula,” marketing the supplement primarily to people searching for a natural remedy to type 2 diabetes.
Glucotil is based on a traditional Japanese herbal remedy. That remedy was identified by Alex Thompson, who used the treatment to reverse his mom’s type 2 diabetes.
Glucotil is exclusively sold online and is priced at $69 per bottle as part of a 2024 promotion. The ordinary retail price is $99 per bottle. Plus, qualifying purchases come with free shipping and free bonus eBooks.
Glucotil Benefits
Some of the benefits of Glucotil, according to the manufacturer, include:
Experience more stable blood sugar levels
Support overall metabolic health
Boost energy by targeting the mitochondria
Lower insulin levels and improve insulin sensitivity
12+ natural ingredients based on traditional Japanese remedy
Backed by 60-day moneyback guarantee
How Does Glucotil Work?
Glucotil works by delivering a concentrated blend of 12 active ingredients that work in different ways to promote healthy blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.
All 12 ingredients are plant extracts or herbs. Some ingredients are sourced from traditional Japanese medicine, while others are from other parts of the world.
Many of the ingredients broadly target the root cause of diabetes. According to Alex Thompson, the root cause of diabetes is mitochondrial dysfunction caused by a gene mutation. Many people with diabetes have a gene mutation that makes them prone to diabetes regardless of their diet and exercise habits. By targeting mitochondria, Glucotil can reverse the activity of this gene, promoting your body’s natural defense against blood sugar imbalance.
Other ingredients in Glucotil help with blood sugar in other ways. They enhance insulin sensitivity, improve glucose regulation, reduce sugar cravings, and help with stress. Targeting these areas can support your body’s ability to balance blood sugar naturally.
Ultimately, the goal of Glucotil is to restore healthy blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes, helping them stop taking their doctor-prescribed diabetes medication.
The remedy has helped countless people “get rid of the need for constant medication for their type 2 diabetes,” according to the official website.
Who Created Glucotil?
Glucotil was developed by a health researcher and nutritionist named Alex Thompson.
Although Alex is not a doctor, he claims to have “helped thousands of men and women find relief from their health issues.” Much of his work focuses on natural remedies.
Alex was personally motivated to find a remedy for type 2 diabetes after watching his mother struggle with the condition.
Alex wanted to help his mom solve her type 2 diabetes and end her reliance on medication – so he started researching natural remedies from around the world.
One day at a nutritionist conference, Alex was approached by a man named “Dr. Williams,” who claimed to have discovered “a potential solution” to type 2 diabetes.
Glucotil Ingredients
Glucotil is a concentrated liquid containing a blend of 12 ingredients. These include plant extracts, herbs, and micronutrient-rich natural ingredients that work in different ways to promote healthy blood sugar.
Some of the ingredients in Glucotil have roots in traditional Japanese medicine. Other components were selected for their ability to promote healthy blood sugar overall.
Here are all of the active ingredients in Glucotil and how they work, according to Alex Thompson and the official Glucotil website:
Green Tea Extract: Green tea is considered one of the healthiest beverages on the planet, and many people drink green tea daily. Today, it’s also a popular nutritional supplement ingredient found in weight loss aids, blood sugar formulas, and more. According to the makers of Glucotil, green tea can enhance insulin sensitivity, improve glucose regulation, and support weight loss, making it a valuable ingredient in Glucotil.
Gymnema Sylvestre Extract: Gymnema sylvestre extract has a long history of use in traditional medicine practices throughout Asia, including Southeast Asia and Japan. Today, it’s best known as a diabetes supplement ingredient for its ability to promote healthy blood sugar. According to the makers of Glucotil, gymnema sylvestre extract “lowers blood sugar levels” and “increases insulin production” – two things diabetics struggle to do on their own because of their condition. Plus, it reduces sugar cravings, helping you stop craving sweet foods or carbs.
African Mango Extract: African mango extract, known as Irvingia gabonensis, is a popular weight loss supplement ingredient found in some blood sugar support formulas. According to the makers of Glucotil, African mango extract can reduce blood sugar, aid in weight loss, and improve lipid profiles.
Maca Root Extract: Maca root extract is best known for its natural libido-enhancing benefits. However, Glucotil is used to support healthy blood sugar. Alex Thompson says maca “regulates blood sugar” while improving metabolism and energy levels. Because mitochondrial dysfunction can cause diabetes, supporting metabolism and energy can help target energy production at the cellular level, promoting healthy blood sugar balance from your mitochondria through the rest of your body.
Grape Seed Extract: Glucotil contains grape seed extract, which is naturally rich in antioxidants like polyphenols and resveratrol. Some people take grape seed extract daily for anti-aging benefits, and others for cardiovascular health. According to the makers of Glucotil, grape seed extract “lowers glycemic index.” Typically, people with diabetes try to eat foods with a low glycemic index to minimize the post-meal spike in blood sugar. Grape seed extract can make it easier to eat foods you enjoy by lowering the glycemic index.
Guarana Seed Extract: Glucotil contains guarana seed extract, which boosts energy, enhances fat metabolism, and improves focus and concentration, among other benefits. Guarana seed extract, formally known as Paullinia cupana, has a long history of use in traditional remedies in South America. It contains more caffeine by weight than coffee beans. By boosting energy, guarana can help promote mitochondria function, helping your body produce more power at the cellular level.
Eleuthero Root Extract: Glucotil contains eleuthero root extract, an adaptogen used in traditional Asian remedies for centuries. According to Alex’s research, Eleuthero doesn’t directly impact blood sugar levels; instead, it reduces stress levels and improves cognitive function. As a stress management aid, eleuthero can help manage your body’s response to stressors. Your body is bombarded by daily stressors, making it difficult to defend your body against high blood sugar.
Astragalus Root Extract: According to the official Glucotil website, astragalus root extract “protects pancreas cells.” When you have diabetes, your pancreas isn’t producing the insulin needed to lower blood sugar. By optimizing pancreas cells, you could promote healthy blood sugar from the inside out. According to the manufacturer, astragalus also enhances immune function and aids in metabolism.
Forskohlii Root Extract: Glucotil contains forskolin, a natural molecule found in forskohlii root extract. Commonly found in weight loss supplements, forskolin is known for its ability to stimulate fat breakdown, improve insulin secretion, and increase metabolic rate – all of which can help you achieve your target weight. Diabetes can make it hard to lose weight because it slows your metabolism, giving you a hidden weight loss disadvantage. Forskolin and other complementary ingredients in Glucotil could help.
Bird Pepper Extract: Capsicum annuum, also known as pepper, can help with metabolism, fat burning, and digestion, according to the makers of Glucotil. Alex describes the ingredient as “bird pepper extract.” People with diabetes tend to have slower metabolisms than non-diabetics, making it hard to lose weight.
Grapefruit Seed Extract: Glucotil contains grapefruit seed extract. Grapefruits are packed with vitamin C and other micronutrients, so many people eat them daily as a healthy snack. According to Alex’s research, grapefruit extract actually “lowers insulin levels.” Typically, people with diabetes want to raise insulin levels to counteract high blood sugar. Grapefruit extract also has complementary effects, like enhancing metabolic rate and reducing appetite.
Asian Ginseng Root Extract: The 12th and final active ingredient is Asian ginseng. Also known as panax ginseng, the root extract “regulates blood sugar,” according to Alex’s research, while improving insulin sensitivity and energy levels.
Not all these ingredients are found in traditional Japanese medicine, but many are. Alex Thompson describes Glucotil as “Japan’s best-kept secret for beating type 2 diabetes.”
Glucotil Pricing
Glucotil typically costs $99 per bottle. However, as part of a 2024 promotion, the makers have reduced the price to $69 per bottle or less. Plus, multi-bottle purchases come with free shipping, bonuses, and other perks, depending on the number of bottles you order.
Here’s how pricing works when ordering online today:
Order one bottle for $69 + $9.99 Shipping
Order three bottles for $177 ($59 Per bottle) + 2 Free Bonuses + $9.99 Shipping
Order six bottles for $294 ($49 Per bottle) + 2 Free Bonuses + Free Shipping
Each bottle of Glucotil contains a 30-day supply. To promote healthy blood sugar, take one full dropper daily.
The two bonuses bundled with Glucotil include two bonus eBooks. These eBooks are packed with blood sugar management tips and tricks – including strategies you can implement today to support healthy blood sugar, complementing the effects of Glucotil.
Glucotil Refund Policy
You have 60 days to try Glucotil and assess its effects before requesting a refund if you’re unhappy for any reason. Contact the manufacturer, even if the bottle is empty, within 60 days of your purchase to initiate the refund process.
About Glucotil
Glucotil is made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. The supplement was created by a natural health researcher and nutritionist named Alex Thompson, who initially used the remedy to reverse his mother’s type 2 diabetes.
Although Alex is not a doctor, he claims to have originally heard about the formula from Dr. Williams and a Japanese researcher named Hiroshi. Hiroshi’s ancestors discovered a natural remedy for diabetes in the 1830s and passed that remedy down through generations.
Alex also claims to have partnered with another doctor to manufacture Glucotil: a “renowned diabetes expert” named Dr. James Miller. Dr. Miller tested Glucotil on a group of his diabetic patients, finding it lowered blood sugar.
You can contact the makers of Glucotil and the company’s customer service team via the following:
Telephone: +1-302-200-3480
Final Word
Glucotil is a diabetes supplement featuring a blend of liquid natural ingredients to promote blood sugar balance, insulin production, and other benefits.
Taking one full dropper of the liquid formula daily can target the root cause of diabetes: dysfunction in your mitochondria.
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