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Work Diary

👋 Hi everyone!
I'm Frida, a service operator and marketer at SlashPage.
I love ideas that are wacky, but make you turn around and think about them one more time.
Marketing Copywriting Planning Photography Yoga
❤️ Things I love and am good at...
🧠 Idea Memooooo
🙋💬 Write down what I'm thinking before it flies out of your head !!!
Leave work with a list of 3 things I must do tomorrow (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)
Questions for user interviews → what services she uses the most these days, what apps she uses to chat, what her favorite hobbies are,
Make sure to check ProductHunt every day in time for new products to be posted!
Check → Reddit, IndieHackers, ...
Where should I post our update log?
👇 The ideas I'm developing are here...
🔍 References
🤔 Things to ponder.....
Where is our "right audience" and how can we reach them?
What value can we provide?
What kind of people are our audience?
Keywords that represent us
IT service
Super easy
For IT professionals
Branding pages
What kind of content has high retention?
How can we stay in touch with our early, enthusiastic users?
What's the lower barrier to entry: replacing an existing service or challenging the status quo?
What can we do differently, and how will customers perceive it?