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Our joint remote work slash Page Partner
Pagandai V Pannirselvam
The future of all enterprise learning is is incluisive social of professional skills we built our non profit non gov food energy hom zerowaste in google knol wik , closed migrated to word press , google plus our community migrated to uservoice feed book
Build stronger, more productive teams through interactive peer learning experiences not in days but via video based lessons in few hopurs .we used to be parner to built third world higher educations the moder integrated opensource frre integration with slash for Digital do it yourself website by students sothat the digital products of the learning contents made int valuable difgital videos , blogs images galery ..The partnership with slash page will be also made poosible to joint ventuture BRICS country our llatin american public and private school students aflliates , the professor slashpage inclusives ambassodor prograames of the digital transformations , The mentorship our project in facebook and whats app to professional with scale up problems for massive moviment online micro learning front end via slash page easy to build leaning progucts tools .We want to hear your feedback (Bem vindo suporte contato de biomassa edubr gpecufrn Feedback Eng without border Biomassaedubr Greentech zero waste.) )
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Pagandai V Pannirselvam