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Architects Delight: Enforcing Layers and Project Boundaries with Nx
When I embarked on my journey as a software developer, I delved into the depths of software architecture. Renowned books such as "Clean Architecture" and "Domain-Driven Design (DDD)" provided valuable insights into concepts like project boundaries and software layers (both vertical and horizontal). Yet, what was sorely missing was a quick and efficient tool to enforce these principles.
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7 Free Lifesaver Image Tools Every Frontend Developer Must Have In Their Arsenal
Images are an integral part of every frontend developer's journey, shaping captivating digital experiences. To conquer the challenges of working with images, here are 7 Lifesaver Tools tailored for your needs: from optimizing and resizing to background removal and finding royalty-free images, these tools will empower you to create stunning visuals effortlessly! Online Photoshop web client: Photopea is a powerful online image editing tool that brings the functionalities of Adobe Photoshop right to your web browser, that too for free! So forget setting up Photoshop on your machine and start editing images right away!
Explain Dynamic Programming and Other Techniques with Examples
In this article, we will dive into the world of dynamic programming, focusing on solving some programming challenges using also some other techniques. We will break down each problem, present different solutions in JavaScript, and provide a clear, concise explanation.