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Cardizoom: Capsule Solution - Breaking Ground in Hypertension Care (India)

What is Cardizoom?
Cardizoom treats adult hypertension. It can be taken alone or with other hypertension Capsules. Lowering blood pressure may prevent strokes and heart attacks. Cardizoom treats chronic stable angina and coronary artery spasm. Calcium-channel blockers include Cardizoom. Diltiazem relaxes blood arteries, reducing cardiac pumping. Diltiazem boosts cardiac blood and oxygen flow.
Cardizoom benefits:
Improved Cardiovascular Wellness
Reduced Side Effects
Controlling Blood Pressure
Cardizoom side effects
significant heart conditions like "sick sinus syndrome" or "AV block" (without a pacemaker).
How to use Cardizoom?
Take Cardizoom as directed by your doctor. Follow prescription label instructions and read Capsule recommendations. Sometimes your doctor changes your dose. Take the medication as prescribed. If you alter brands, strengths, or forms of this medicine, your dose may change. Take cardizoom tablets whole, crushed, or chewed. Take Cardizoom LA and CD capsules whole, not chewed or crushed.
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