What are the best immigration and visa consultants in Chandigarh?

If you are planning to migrate overseas, you need to hire the best immigration Consultant in Chandigarh if you are living in Chandigarh and somewhere around Chandigarh. The best immigration consultant can tell you the best and the fastest way to migrate overseas. Abroad Gateway is one of the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh they will guide you on your abroad journey.
There are four ways to migrate to overseas:

Study visa
Tourist visa
Work permit

In this blog, we will try to give you information about the possible ways to migrate overseas so that if you are planning to move abroad you can categorize yourself and able to decide which way is best for you for migration.

Study visa: In this, we will try to give some information about the Canada Study Visa; it is for students who want to migrate overseas for higher studies such as they can migrate after the 12th class or after completing their graduation. For the student visa, you need to go through a process which is the same for the other ways of migration but with a few changes.

•Firstly, you need to select the country where you want to migrate, and then university and course selection would be the most important factors of the entire process of applying student visa as the country and university should be selected after enquiring about all services which you want as an international student. Moreover, you need to choose the course according to your previous studies otherwise you might face refusal.

•After that, you need to complete your educational documents such as previous studies certificates and gap justification certificate if you have any gap in your studies and need to manage LOR which stands for a letter of recommendation if it is required. If you are working you need to submit the work experience you have.

•After receiving the offer letter, you need to submit the fee for one year and open the GIC account which you can open from any bank such as SBI, or CIBC. The GIC amount has increased from $10,000 to $20,635.

•Then you can book the appointment for the medical test for which your consultant will provide you with dates, this completes your SOP and you can lodge your file on the IRCC portal.

•After that, you need to go for the biometrics and then you need to wait for the final decision.
Tourist visa: This visa is especially for the person who wants to invite his parents or relatives abroad. This visa you might get for 6 months or the validity would be till the passport validity.

Visitor visa: In this, you will have a sponsor from overseas; he may be your friend or relative. In this type of visa, your sponsor will cover the accommodation and food expenses and he also needs to show funds from the respective country he is living. The duration of this visa would be till the validity of the passport, but you need to follow the rule that within six months country out.

Super visa: This visa is only for Canada in which if the child and grandchild is PR in Canada, he can call his parents and grandparents to him. The duration is till the passport validity and a single stay would be up to five years. In this visa, if both parents are going to their child in abroad they need individual funds in both of the parent's accounts.

Work permit: This visa is of two types open and closed work permit. In an open work permit your job is not specified, you need to search for the job. In a close work permit your job is specified, and you know the pay scale and the location of the job.

PR: This might be another way to migrate overseas as this is for the people who want to settle down abroad with their families. In this, there is a scoring system in which you will get points for different things such as your age points, education points, marital status points or language proficiency points. Moreover, you will point if you have anyone in the country with which you have first blood relation.
Is it tough or easy to get a Canadian visa for a consultant in Chandigarh?

Canada has become the leading destination among students to move to Canada for higher studies as compared to other countries. So they need to hire a
Canada Student visa in Chandigarh, he will tell them to migrate to Canada for higher studies students try to fulfil the eligibility criteria such as:
Academic documents: In this, students need to complete their academic documents, the mark sheets and certificates of the last completed degrees or education. Moreover, if they have any gap in their studies they need to justify that gap by providing a gap justification certificate in which they can provide any valid certificate such as any add-on course or appeared for any competitive exam.
Language proficiency test: Students need to appear for the language proficiency test for which they need to meet the eligibility criteria set by the universities and the embassy as they need to get the overall 6 bands not less than 6.5 if they want to get admission in the top universities. If he appears PTE students need to score an overall 60.

If a profile has negative points such as an education gap, low academic score and low language proficiency score it is very difficult for them to get admission in the reputed universities and study visa for the Canada.

If students have not taken the major subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry or taken the vocational subjects such as physical education, fine and so on they might have difficulty in getting admission to universities and Canadian study visa.

On the other hand, if students have good work experience such as you have white collar job experience in some reputed organization, have a high academic store, and study demanded subjects such as physics, chemistry, mathematics and computers.

Canadian government has eased the process of getting a
student visa in Canada as Canadian government started accepting PTE in the SDS category which stands for student direct stream students want to lodge their file under this category as it has a very high visa success rate.
Moreover, they require only 6 bands overall without any least requirement, previously they require overall 6 bands not less than 5.5.

In PTE as per new rules under SDS, they require an overall 60 score only.

As per new rules GIC amount has increased from 10,000 CAD to 20,635 CAD this amount has increased after 20 years as the living cost of Canada has increased due to which the Canadian government has decided to increase the GIC amount so that students will not suffer after landing in the Canada. But at the same they allow the students to refund 8000 dollars after landing previously student was allowed to refund 2000 dollars only, and the rest of the amount he can refund in the instalments within a year.

Moreover, it is rumoured that no of visas granted might be decreased in the upcoming time as the official embassy has not announced anything but if there are rumours you need to be alert if you want to migrate to Canada.

Being a consultant Abroad Gateway always suggests that students who want to migrate to Canada not opt for private colleges or universities which are in partnership with the colleges and universities for the pathway programs. Pathway programs are programs such if the student is not meeting the eligibility criteria of the college or the university some private universities and colleges have tied up with the public universities so they allow these students to take admission in the same course in the private college with low fee and get some time to fulfil the eligibility criteria, after that studying one year in the private college he can shift to the public college in which he wanted to take the admission. However, there is a drawback to studying in the pathway programs as it creates difficulty at the time when students will apply for the work permit as the embassy is not giving preference to the students who have completed their studies with the pathway programs.

Abroad Gateway is one of the best Canada study visa consultants in Chandigarh who always tries to give the latest and updated information to the students and the best guidance to the students as per the student profile.