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📍Penang, Malaysia
/ 🍹Kombucha, 🫙Water Kefir /
Your Gut. Your Health.
So Tasty and oh-so-good for you!
Upgrade your daily refreshment with Baebeh Ferments.
Starting with kombucha drinks, providing products for gut health and beyond.
Why You Need a Daily Natural Ferments Food?
Every day, we consume. It could be coffee, or perhaps a daily drink. But what we consume greatly impacts our health, especially our gut health. Gut health is paramount. A healthy gut leads to better sleep, enabling us to build a body that can navigate the stresses of modern life.
That's why we hope that the food and drinks we consume daily contribute to our overall well-being. Join us on Baebeh's journey to launch a range of products focused on gut health, starting with our probiotic kombucha and onwards.
So tasty, so healthy.
Introducing our ferments products.
Natural Kombucha
Flavour Available Now:
Black Tea Original, Lemon & Lime, Lychee, Nutmeg, Hibiscus
Water Kefir
Flavour Available Now:
Black Tea Original, Lemon & Lime, Lychee, Nutmeg
Authentic Recipe:
Made by korean with her grandma's original recipe
More about us
Vegan & Muslim Friendly
Utilize ugly fruits from a CH local farm
Recycling bottle rebsystem
Handmade with experienced professions
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