Opium Wars

1792 -
walk out of american revo
lose american colony
losts of money
need new revenue source
finds china
“middle kingdom”
1644 opium war
1911 second opium war
original trade goods for silver
good for china, not good for UK
find wai to amke fairer - opium
export from india to china
addiction crisis
ban on production & distribution
make illegal to smoke
make punishments more serious
2 drunk birtish sailors kill chinese man
not punished
cut off british food supply
expelled all british from macau to hong kong
nov 1839 - merchant ship clash w/ british
lead to first opium war
sent british war to hk, canton
captured nanking
treaty of nanking
give HK to britain
21 million dollars
shanghai canton ninqo fuzhou amoy as ports
treaaty of bouge - 1843
most favored nation status to UK
follow british rules
second opium war
failure of nanking treaty to better british situation
britsh ship clash w/ chinese
british used as excuse to send military to china
w/ french bc killed frech missionary
fought to tianjin
treaty of tianjin
foreign embassies in beijing, catholicism, legalise opium
10 more ports
humiliating defeat - blow to prospoerous qing empire
show qing is weak, make qing weaker
stop dynasties
century of humiliation