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Structure of analytical paragraph

Q: what is an analytical para - unpacks, reveals, desconstrucs what the text menas
Q: how start para - topic secentee, thesis
Q: How end para

Q: what makes a good analytical para
Q: how many pieces of evidence -2-3
Q: structure flexible? - flexible to certain extent, so long as you have CER
Q: what should the reasoning part have - should show how relate to TS

Structure of your paragraph:
Sentence 1: TOPIC SENTENCE eg Humpty Dumpty is completely at fault for falling off the wall.
Sentence 2: EVIDENCE #1: eg Humpty Dumpty’s lack of responsibility for himself is highlighted by the poor choice of sitting on the wall knowing full we that he is oval shaped.
Sentence 3: EXPLANATION: The fact that Humpty Dumpty is oval shaped would suggest he would be unstable on the wall, it is highly unlikely that he would survive a fall from the height of the wall and that he was perhaps of unsound mind to even be seated on the wall in the first place.
Sentence 4: EVIDENCE #2
If you can give a 3rd example, then do it.
Closing secntence eg: Humpty Dumpy IS at fault for falling off the wall