French Revolution
Relation with Russian Revolution
Oversimplifed French revolution pt.2
Revolutionaries begin to take power from the king
asking elites to pay taxes
continuously demand from louis to prove he supports revolution
20 June 1791, King Louis attempts to flee france disguised as servants and go to austria, where marie is from.
His carrige was stopped at a village in varennes, where the postmaster recognized the royals and was taking back to paris, now he was considered a traitor by most.
thus, the consitution of 1971 reduced teh kings power so much that he basically became a figurehead.
July 1791, the Jacobins, wanting total removal of the king, staged a protest. the situation escalated and eventually the Revolutionary National guard opened fire upon the crowd
the french revolution also brought equality in execution, meaning that everyone was to be executed the same way, quick and painless. Thus the invention of the guillotine, aka the national razer
National Assembly changed their named to Legislative assembly
the now legislative assembly, fearing attack from nearby moarchys
April 17, 1792. France declares war on austria