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Lesson 8: Globalizations and Economics

History: Study of the past of something
Geography: The study of places and the relationships between people and their enviorments
Civics: the study of how a government works and the rights and duties of the citizens living under the government
Economics: the stufdy of scarcity, and how people bejave with limited resources - unlimited wants + choices
What questions would different specialists ask?
How has COVID affected the world?
Economist - What were people’s initial reaction to the sudden shortage of medical supplies? What industries grew and what industries plummeted
Civics - How have governments dealt with the situation? Have there been any new laws or measures?
Geographer - Have has tourism around the world been affected? How about travel within countries?
Historian - Are there previous pandemics we can study to help us?
Asking compelling questions
Used to guide reseasrch - provocative, engaging, worth spending time on
intentectually meaty (many layers, deep, no simple answer)
Student-friendly - students should care and is worth their time
Ingredients of a compelling questions:
deals with problems that arent easy to solve
discuss thing that matters
curiosities about how things work
enduring issues (long-existing issues)
requires use of multiple POVs
Requires argument of response
Provocative, engaging
History: CHange, causality, continunity, perspective, source work
Economics: Supply, Demand, Scarcity, Opportunity Cost
Geography: Patterns, Relationship, Scale
Civics: Virtues, Processes, Engagement, Action
How does a recent revolution affect the demand for military defense gear in neighboring countries?