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Upcoming Appear's conference
Soon β†’ Build in public conference
Date: TBD
Number of attendees: max. 30 person
Networking event
With time-limited, private slack channel, you can say hi to any attendees you'd like to meet.
We also encourage you jump on 1-1 video conference (Zoom) with them.
you'll be able to see basic infos about every attendees. So you can connect with the right ones
from well-known figures in indie hackers community with Q&A and opportunities to talk with them.
If you're interested in becoming a speaker: reply on the email you got after you join the waitlist .This is one of the best way to show your work to the community
Appear is where your progress happens
Here are what you can do at our conference
Connect with your peers
Building relationships with industry peers fosters a supportive community where you can gain mentorship, advice, and potential partnerships, enhancing your professional development and expanding your reach within the field
Show your works
Showing your work in public gathers feedback, boosts credibility, and opens doors to opportunities like collaborations or recognition, inspiring others and fostering a sense of fulfillment.
Find help and inspiration
fuels creativity, accelerates learning, and builds supportive networks for personal and professional growth.
Stay up-to-date with the industry
remain relevant, informed, and adaptable, allowing you to anticipate trends and seize opportunities ahead of the curve. It enhances your credibility, fosters innovation, and enables you to make well-informed decisions, ultimately boosting your competitiveness and success in your field.
Learn forefront knowledges
keeps you at the cutting edge of your field, providing a competitive advantage and positioning you as a thought leader. It enables you to innovate, solve complex problems, and adapt quickly to changing landscapes, fostering personal and professional growth.
Say hi to industry leaders
opens doors to mentorship, collaboration, and valuable insights, accelerating your professional growth and expanding your network. Their guidance and expertise can offer invaluable perspectives, enhance your credibility, and lead to new opportunities for advancement or partnerships.
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