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SlashPage is an All-in-one web builder for teachers and students.
Welcome to SlashPage, where we empower educators and students with the best tools to inspire, organize, and connect. Our intuitive, no-code web builder makes creating a professional online presence effortless for the entire educational community.
SlashPage provides students with the critical ability to build their own websites.
This hands-on experience not only fosters creativity but also instills a deep understanding of the digital landscape that surrounds them. By enabling students to customize their digital portfolios, we nurture their sense of ownership and pride in their work.
We Proudly Introduce Our Features to Teachers and Students
Build your own Resume / CV / Portfolio
In an era where online presence is crucial, having a personal website with a portfolio, resume, and CV is trending. Professionals on networks like LinkedIn increasingly showcase their digital footprint. SlashPage enables students to easily craft their own professional website, marking their entry into the professional world with distinction.
Organize Class Materials in One Page
Upload your class materials to Slashpage and conduct classes in an organized manner. For example, buttons may be used as a tool to display photos. The materials from the previous week's class could be linked with just a simple click.
Streamline Your Student-Led Conferences with a Single Page
Elevate your student-led conferences by integrating all your resources onto one dynamic platform using EduStream. Imagine a virtual space where every class material is just a click away
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