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Choosing the Right Guide for IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh

Studying to crack the IELTS exam is not jokes as it is not just about the knowledge of the English language but also about other factors that contribute to the overall performance and hence are equally important. This makes it crucial to select the perfect IELTS coaching centre which focuses on the rest of the aspects as well along with English grammar and vocabulary. There are numerous IELTS institutes in Chandigarh, due to which many IELTS aspirants come to the city to prepare for the test and accomplish their goal of studying abroad. It is vital to have the great place for the best preparation and that is why it is the difficult task too as one wrong decision could cost you your precious time and money. Here is how you can choose the perfect one for yourself:


It is a good way to ask any relatives or friends about any good place that they know and could recommend it to you. However, you must not blindly believe that, you should enquire about that place and if you are satisfied completely that it is the best
IELTS Coaching Centres in Chandigarh then you can go ahead and enroll thereto start your IELTS preparation.


If you do not want to involve other’s opinion in your decision and want to rely on your knowledge and understanding then you must do some research yourself. To start that you can take the help of our own Google and search for the top centres in Chandigarh and then the areas where they are located. You will find that there are some sectors which have more than 5 institutes teaching IELTS, for example sector 34, it is recommended that you stay away from such areas as when there is a lot of competition between the centres, the ultimate sufferers are the students as there will be many false promises to attract you. It is always better to avoid such a situation. Therefore, shortlist the ones which have good ratings & reviews online and which are at a peaceful place with little competition.


Once you have shortlisted them as per the above criteria, it is time to re-view them considering other aspects like teaching methodology, modes of teaching etc. To know about these things, it is imperative that you take the first-hand experience by either taking the counselling over the phone or by visiting the centre personally. In the conversation ask as much information as possible to gather information. If available (all the good IELTS coaching centres in Chandigarh offer it), ask them to arrange the demo class where you can actually get the demonstration of the knowledge and teaching style of the trainer. This is the main deciding factor for any kind of coaching. You must ask about the batch timings so that you can join the one which suits your schedule. You can opt for the online classes as well if it is not possible for you to come to attend the classes physically.

If you are satisfied about all the important aspects of coaching and have been given all the details clearly then there is no reason for you to wait any longer and waste your time looking for more options, you must register for the coaching as early as possible. Sometimes when you take more time to decide, you may lose the opportunity as the current great price may expire or the seats for the desired batch gets filled by the other students. Do enquire about the study material provided to the students of the institute and make sure you take it.


Once you have enrolled in the coaching classes for IELTS, it is advised that you attend the classes regularly so that there is no obstacle in your preparation. Absenteeism leads to low progress and more time to achieve the goal of scoring good bands in the first attempt. The flow and rigor built through the daily practice must not be broken to have the desired results.

This concludes the search for the efficient IELTS Coaching Centre in Chandigarh for you to become capable of taking the IELTS test with confidence and fly out to your favourite country to study what you like.
Abroad Gateway is the most effective IELTS coaching centre

IELTS coaching centres are in abundance in Chandigarh because people from various places come to the city to get the coaching and clear the test with flying colors. IELTS is not a qualification but it is definitely an important credential these days to be able to pursue education in abroad, this is what makes youngsters practice hard to get good band score in IELTS exam. It is an excellent idea to prepare well to clear this test and for this a great coaching centre is a must which could give you the required push needed to improve the language proficiency in English. That is why it is necessary that you know about the best IELTS coaching centre in Chandigarh which is none other than the sole
IELTS preparation institute in sector 42 - Abroad Gateway.

What do you get here?
Experienced & Trained Teachers:

The most important aspect of any coaching or training is the person who is delivering that and this is the first thing you should check about an IELTS Coaching Centre in Chandigarh. In Abroad Gateway the teachers who teach come with rich experience and vast practical knowledge about the IELTS test and all the major and minor factors that affect the performance of a student. More than 10 years of experience makes them an expert in teaching. If you follow what is taught religiously then there is no reason for you to not score well in the final test.

Organized Coaching:

•Second to the quality of teacher is a well-designed and planned training schedule and curriculum. Understanding the significance of this, team Abroad Gateway has put in place a specially designed coaching plan for the students which start with building the base of coaching by teaching students about all the modules in detail. This session is conducted in the first 2-3 days.

•Post the foundation classes, the students are shifted to the regular batch where they get to practice one IELTS practice test every day. Here they get the opportunity to apply whatever they have learnt in the base class. All the modules are covered each day.

•During the daily practice classes, the tests are corrected and the feedback on all the modules is provided so that all the doubts are clear and the students know about the things they need to focus more on and practice to improve the scores.

•There are weekly mock tests conducted in the institute so that students get to experience the real exam and also gauge their performance level. This gives a clear picture about the English proficiency level in real time.

Targeted Grammar Coaching:

English grammar is vast and it is not possible for the students to learn it in great lengths, it is not even needed by the universities and authorities to give admission offer letter and student visa to the aspirant. As there is no need to study it in too detail, the centre teaches the topics which are needed for the purpose of improving the language skills to get good bands by selectively choosing them as per the requirement of the student like tenses, subject & verb agreement, articles, prepositions etc.
Sufficient Practice:

To attain proficiency in any language it is necessary that the aspirant practices it as much as possible, that is the reason Abroad Gateway has ample of practice material for its students to have enough practice. The teachers also motivate students to practice more and provide whatever support needed.
Personal Attention:

The students get personal attention of the teachers because they know very well the language level of each student in the class and therefore provide relevant support and guidance. If any student needs extra practice or coaching it is taken care of by the staff so that the student can clear the final exam with desired bands.

These are some of the factors which make this place the
best IELTS Coaching Centre in Chandigarh. Besides the offline classes explained above, the students also have the option to get enrolled in the online classes if there is any challenge to attend the physical classes. The study plan is quite similar in both the modes of teaching and therefore people residing outside Chandigarh can also take advantage of the expert coaching of the institute.