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An insight into IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh

English is a global language in the modern time and is much needed in every sector currently, which is why there is a lot of emphasis on learning English. It increases the opportunities for students or professionals as it allows one to interact with the people of different countries using the common language – English. It has helped to reduce the language barrier between the nations thereby promoting growth and prosperity by facilitating exchange of skills and knowledge. Knowing English also permits one to get educated in English speaking developed nation or get employed there to have a better life because you need to have a certain level in the local language to be able to excel in anything you do in a foreign land.

Besides that, it leads to prevention of any kinds of conflicts or misunderstandings between the locals and foreigners due to the improper or inappropriate use of a language which is needed to have better experience in a new country.
Out of all the available proficiency tests of English, IELTS is the first preference of all the aspirants due to the following reasons:

Highest number of test centres in the World: There is highest number of test centres available for IELTS test throughout almost 140 countries which allows the test takers to find one near them to take the test easily. As there are three test conducting bodies for the IELTS exam – British Council, IDP Australia and Cambridge English Assessment, they can have so many examination centres catering to the large number of people. In India at present only IDP is conducting the exam.

Both the modes are available for the test: In the present time one can take the CD-IELTS or the Paper based IELTS so that one can opt for the most suitable one as per their choice, though for both they need to visit the examination centre and take the test in presence of the invigilators. There are a lot of booking centres as well because they authorize the
Top IELTS coaching centre in Chandigarh to book the test for the aspirants.

More options to choose from: As it is recognized and accepted by more than 12000 firms, organizations and educational institutes there are ample of opportunities for students to pursue their higher education and for working professionals to have a fruitful career. If you have taken IELTS test then the door of opportunities opens up for you making you choose from the big lot.

Better Prospects for Education and Work: A great band score in the IELTS exam leads you to have better options for yourself. If you have 7 or above band score then you get the acceptance letter from all the reputed and renowned universities if you are a student. It also lets you get employment in great organizations with good profile and handsome salary.

Considers the Subjective Nature of the Language: Language is not an objective subject and cannot be scored in black and white. As language is subjective, the responses and answers are subjective to the test takers opinion and way of expression. People have their own way of expressing things and two people usually express the same thing in two completely different ways. That is why it is necessary to consider the human factor here and IELTS test conducting body understands it quite well. That is the reason the tests are corrected by the human examiners who assess the tasks as per the correct use of language. This is not possible in case of computerized corrections. Even in case of the Computer delivered IELTS, the corrections are similar to the Paper based test.

Separate Tests for Each Module: Unlike rest of the tests, all of the four modules are tested separately and not in one test. This helps one to have a clear mind while taking the test. The test papers are different for all the modules and taken one by one. Reading, Listening and Writing tests are taken on the same day while the Speaking test happens either 3-4 days before or after the other modules.
Highest number of coaching centres available: Due to the huge number of aspirants for the test, there are many institutes or coaching centres which prepare students to clear the test with the desired band score. This is also one reason why people choose to take this exam because they can get the coaching easily. In India there are many IELTS coaching centres but the maximum are best IELTS coaching centres in Chandigarh city.
An insight into IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh

IELTS is the popular name for International English Language Testing System which true to its name tests the English language skills of the test takers whose primary language is not English. It allows them to go to any of the English-speaking countries for either working or studying because these nations have clear guidelines for entering their country and knowing the local language well is one of the most important ones. IELTS is the most accepted of all the proficiency tests meant to assess the English skills and thus is taken by the highest number of non-native English speakers every year. To be able to accomplish the goal of scoring high, they undergo the coaching for IELTS exam in the
Best IELTS Coaching in Chandigarh Sector 42.

History: It started in 1980 by the British Council and Cambridge English Assessment and was acknowledged as the ideal test which provides correct assessment of a person’s language skills. Later IDP Australia also joined the two and currently these three organisations conduct the tests in various countries. In India only IDP is the exam conducting body currently.

Reason for making it mandatory for immigration: It is made a compulsory requirement by the governments of English-speaking nations for non-native speakers to live in their respective countries because no one can survive in any place without communicating with people and for that knowing the common language is essential. If one cannot understand or speak the language they cannot understand the lecture or instructions given to them and also will not be able to convey their messages, opinions and needs. For this it is imperative that they have a decent language level.
Skills Tested: Any language can be tested only by the purpose it serves which is expression and comprehension; this is the basis for having four modules which test four skills which are Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Reading & Listening assess one’s comprehension while Writing & Speaking assess the expression verbal as well as written.

Types of IELTS tests: The IELTS test is utilised for education as well as employment therefore there are two specific tests designed for each purpose – Academic for Students and General Training for working professionals. The tests are designed based upon the type of use of the language in both the profiles wherein Speaking and Listening are exactly same however, the content in the Reading module and Task 1 in the Writing module are different for both type of test takers.
Mode of Test: Initially the IELTS test was the paper and pencil based test and it remained like that for a long time, however, looking at the demand and changing times, the CD-IELTS was started which is computer-delivered IELTS but for both you need to visit the test centre to take the test. CD-IELTS is recommended for people who have great typing skills and are technology-friendly.

Grading System: Unlike other tests, in this test the scoring is based on 0-9 bands which are assigned as per the proficiency levels; non-user (1) to expert user (9). The bands are assigned to the individual bands along with the overall score.

• Reading & Listening: These are the comprehension tests which have 40 questions each and one mark is given for each of them. There are bands assigned for a certain range of the marks.

• Writing: There are two writing tasks given to the students and both are scored for Task Achievement, Vocabulary, Grammatical Accuracy and Cohesion & Coherence out of 9 bands.

• Speaking: It is a personal interview round with the examiner where the test taker is supposed to answer the questions asked and the interviewer scores him or her for Coherence, Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Grammatical Accuracy.

Results: The result of the Paper based test is declared in 13 days’ time and for CD-IELTS it is announced in 3-4 days. This result remains valid for the next two years and can be utilised for visa purpose. Various countries and universities have set a band score for applying there to get enrolled.
Booking the Test: The test takers can either book the test themselves or it can be booked at the authorised booking centres (the
Best IELTS coaching centres in Chandigarh have the authorisation to do that for their students).

IELTS Training: To assist the aspirants to crack the IELTS exam in the first attempt, there are various IELTS training centres in India and the best IELTS coaching centres in Chandigarh Sector 42, a lot of students from many places come to Chandigarh to prepare for IELTS. Everyone who intends to take this test must learn and practise for at least 30 days even if they have good language proficiency.