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Setaleur Company is an information technology company founded on 07/28/2023 by entrepreneur Momen Ghazouani and aims to provide innovative and diverse products and services to individuals and companies
Which focuses on helping to develop and achieve Setaleur owns Setaleur Academy a leading electronic platform for distance learning in the fields of business and self-development training It also owns Setaleur Unity, a leading charitable organization in the field of charitable projects and charitable cooperation. The organization seeks to achieve positive change in local communities And global
Leurnita Setaleur
Leurnita Methodology is a visionary approach to business, combining innovation and technology to revolutionize the commercial world. This methodology stands out by providing a comprehensive framework that assists companies in transitioning from conventional business entities to creative and innovative entrepreneurial projects.
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"Abc was a huge upgrade from our legacy platform. We went from a confusing bottleneck to over 90 employees using the system regularly. Even better, pageviews have increased every month with our latest at 300,000!"
Momen Ghazouani
Founder CEO Setaleur
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Yes, we offer a free trial period for new users. During the trial, you'll have access to all the features and functionality of our service. After the trial period, you can choose to subscribe to a paid plan to continue using our service.
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To sign up for our service, simply click on the "Sign Up" button on our website's homepage and follow the instructions to create your account.